Genicon GeniStrong Specimen Retrieval Bag

The GeniStrong™ Bag is an easy-to-use retrieval system designed to temporarily contain specimen and facilitate its removal from the patient during laparoscopic surgery.  Designed to minimize contamination of the abdominal cavity, the rip stop nylon material and secure cinch closure sets it apart from all other bags.  This Specimen Retrieval Bag includes many distinctive features:

  • New Transparent Introducer allows for full vision of retracted bag
  • Pre-loaded spring automatically opens bag upon deployment
  • Flexible metal ring holds the bag mouth open for optimal specimen loading
  • Small and  Medium bags may be inserted into a 10mm or larger cannula, the large bag may be inserted into a 12mm or larger cannula and XL bag into a 15mm cannula
  • Rigid plastic shaft provides stability, while its smooth surface minimizes trauma to underlying structures
  • Easy to read indicator for bag orientation
  • Cost effective and latex free
  • Ripstop Nylon with Polymer coating for leakproof performance
  • Radiopaque thread allows bag to be visible in x-rays
  • Closure technology prevents bag from re-opening


Genicon SimplyStrong Specimen Retrieval Bag

With our SimplyStrong Specimen Retrieval bag, retrieval has never been so easy.  Similar to our GeniStrong Specimen Retrieval Bag, this simple bag comes with many distinctive features:

  • Cinch String captures and contains specimen for removal
  • Ripstop Nylon with polymer coating for leak-proof performance
  • Proximal and distal grab points used to extract bag
  • Monofilament cinch string helps to locate and prop bag mouth open for easy specimen placement
  • Radiopaque thread allows bag to be visible in x-rays
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