A unique and revolutionary patient positioning system specifically designed to maximize patient comfort and security while meeting the safety and setup demands of a wide variety of OR & hospital procedures

Crafted to perfection

Flexible in its procedural uses and all-inclusive in its design, the SurgyPad system sports a high-density foam pad accompanied by a novel anti-skid strip and pad-to-table security straps. Arm and chests straps secure the patient to the pad, while foam sleeves wrap the patient’s upper extremities to provide extra comfort and prevent unwanted contact during procedures. An innovative, foam-protected buckle system ensures maximum patient stability. The versatile foam sleeves can be used independently of the pad itself, making SurgyPad one of the most innovative and holistic OR procedural solutions on the market.

Get ready

To be amazed


Unique foam sleeve & strap system limits patient movement while design anchors pad to table


Disposable | Suitable for patients with elevated BMIs | Foam protected buckle system works with sleeves to minimize unwanted contact during procedure

cost & time effective

Setup < 1 minute | Standardized removal procedure | Small storage footprint | Single Item # for fast POs | Limitation of ‘never-events’

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