Retentus® HIPSTER™ Retractor

The Retentus HIPSTER simplifies pannus retraction, it is predictable, reliable and repeatable.  Patient positioning is often a difficult and cumbersome task that may result in injury to staff.  The HIPSTER retractor is applied in approximately 30 seconds, completely exposes the procedural site, orients surgical planes and effectively reduces the distance from the dermis to the target site.  You will appreciate the fully exposed procedural site when positioning the high BMI Patient.  Here are some details about the HIPSTER:

  • Fully exposes procedural site
  • Retracts and holds adipose tissue during procedure (eliminates the need for clinical staff to push/hold excessive adipose)
  • Reliable, will not slip, move, migrate or release during a procedure
  • Does not reduce diaphragm excursion
  • Can be applied in approximately 30 seconds
  • Sterile, hypoallergenic and no latex
  • Passes requirements for cytotoxicity
  • Made from 3M medical grade tape and adhesive

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