Custom Manufacturing

We understand that your business and your clients are unique, so we make instrumentation to match. We can craft instruments in custom sizes and specifications according to your design drawings. We work with you to make sure your industry needs are fulfilled and your product expectations are exceeded. U.S. Surgitech can mold your innovative and revolutionary concepts into high-performing, user-friendly products.

Custom Coating

We offer several different coatings for stainless steel instruments, listed below. Coatings are standardly available in black.

  • Ebonizing
  • Ceramic
  • Nylon (also available in Blue)

Repair & Sharpening

Our experts can repair and sharpen your existing instruments with low-cost, quick turn-arounds that will keep your tools in excellent condition and extend the life of your product.

Custom Labeling & Packaging

U.S. Surgitech offers custom labeling and packaging for any product you order and need shipped. We can use your labels, logos, and packing slips to cut out the middle man and ship directly to the end-user, saving your clients and your staff valuable time. Shipping with U.S. Surgitech means shipping with confidence.

Laser Marking

Our sister company, AAA Laser Marking, takes great pride in their ability to adeptly and skillfully handle even the most complicated laser marking projects with quick and masterful work. The laser marking process creates high-contrast marks on the surface of your instruments and devices, preserving the material integrity of the tool while eliminating deep, bacteria-fostering grooves that are common to other marking processes. The absence of abrasive chemicals makes laser-marking extremely environmentally friendly, while our skilled programmers and technicians can produce permanent designs, text, and codes in character sizes down to one hundredth of an inch. These marks will never fade or lose clarity. The process is also FDA approved and can speedily make your instruments UDI compliant. For more information regarding our expert laser-marking services, please click here.

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