Trendelenburg Patient Positioning System
The Standard SurgyPad

-  The SurgyPad is a revolutionary Trendelenburg patient positioning system specifically designed to maximize patient comfort and security while meeting the safety and setup demands of a wide variety of surgical procedures.

-  Includes numerous clinical features all integrated into one product.


-  Single-use eliminates cross-contamination risk

-  High density, latex-free & water wicking foam

-  Integrated foam sleeves wrap around patient’s arms for protection

-  Eliminates risk of brachial plexus injury

-  Suitable for patients with elevated BMIs


-  Integrated arm protectors with Velcro straps secures the arms close to the patient’s body

-  Anti-skid strip on the back of the SurgyPad adds traction between SurgyPad and mattress

-  Innovative 6-strap system further secures SurgyPad to table

-  Adjustable body strap provides added security to maintain a patient’s position

 Designed For

Surgical Procedures
- Laparoscopic
- Gynecologic
- Urologic
- Colorectal

Patient Positioning
- Trendelenburg
- Reverse Trendelenburg
- Lateral Tilt

Cost & Time Effective

1 - Setup time < 60 seconds
2 - Quick standardized removal procedure leading to incredibly low turnover time
3 - Reduces “never-events”
4 - Saves facilities 20% to 50% in costs

Learn How The SurgyPad Works

Product Codes

1 - SurgyPad 36” 780-420
2 - Universal SurgyPad 45” 780SP1