Fully Disposable Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle

SurgyNeedle Overview

The SurgyNeedle is a Patent Pending clear & semi-rigid aspirating needle used during laparoscopic and robotic procedures. Pulled for each case, but only used when needed, the SurgyNeedle comes sterile packed, always providing a sharp, sterile needle. Our single use product eliminates the risk of potential cross-contamination from improper reprocessing.

Key Features

- Sterile packed and single use eliminates maintenance, cleaning, and sterilization needs
- Luer-Lock connection for safe, simple insertion through a Trocar
- Sharp, beveled needle tip for controlled cyst / organ penetration
- Flexible shaft allows for more maneuverability
- Clear and transparent provides greater fluid visualization
- Available in 15, 18, 21 or 23-gauge and 40cm length

Why Disposable?

- Always sterile
- No reprocessing
- No bio-burden/cross contamination risk from improper reprocessing
- Needle is always sharp
- Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finds that properly reprocessing instruments with small lumens can be challenging

What Providers Are Saying
“This disposable aspiration needle has become a very important part of my general surgery practice. The most important and convenient thing about this product is the sharpness of the needle tip. With the needle being an individual unit each time I use it, I know it will be sharp and perform at the highest level. Aspirating or Injecting into fine layers, it is very helpful to know the tissue will be penetrated easily and without struggle. This makes it safer to use laparoscopically or robotically. Overall, a well-constructed and extremely useful product.”

— Dr. Ron Cheney, D.O., General Surgeon, Stewart Memorial Community Hospital

Learn How The SurgyNeedle Works

Product Codes (SurgyNeedle 5mm)

- 15 Gauge/ 40cm 780-411
- 18 Gauge/ 40cm 480-413
- 21 Gauge/ 40cm 780-412
- 23 Gauge/ 40cm 780-414
- 23 Gauge/ 15cm 780-415