Product Overview
Introducing The SurgyGrip

 The SurgyGrip was designed to position the hands and fingers in the neutral position during surgery.

 Avoiding alternative, make-shift solutions, the SurgyGrip provides a dedicated purpose, aiding in the prevention of joint and tissue damage.

How The SurgyGrip Works

Dedicated Purpose

The SurgyGrip replaces any other makeshift solution, including rolled up towels or ripped pieces of foam, being used in the OR currently. The SurgyGrip eliminates grabbing extra materials and spending time creating a solution.

Easy To Use

Simply place the SurgyGrip in the palm of the patient’s hand and secure the foam by placing the thumb in one loop and the middle finger or middle and ring finger in the other loop. It is recommended that the OR staff positions the hand supine, or in neutral thumb up, positioning.