Product Overview

 Our SurgyPort-Poppers were developed to improve patient safety and reduce the time associated with patient positioning in the operating room.

 Previous methods used gauze and tape which take precious and expensive operating room time to place and remove.

 SurgyPort-Poppers are a low-cost solution to the costly problem of wasted OR time while providing outstanding patient protection simultaneously.


 Jennifer Andrews is a practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, CRNA. She sought a solution to the time-consuming task of padding and unpadding her patients for lengthy procedures.

 She partnered with US Surgitech to develop SurgyPort-Poppers, a fast, safe product for patient pressure point protection.

Saves Time

1 - Port poppers are an efficient and effective improvement upon traditional padding due to superior materials and fast application time.
2 - The soft foam clamshell design is adaptable and can be quickly applied and removed without fear of pulling off or out patient lines and monitors.