Trendelenburg Patient Positioning System
Universal SurgyPad

The truly “Universal” solution for your Trendelenburg Patient Positioning Needs

-  Featuring enhanced flexibility and customization options, the Universal SurgyPad is the ideal choice for optimizing your patient positioning needs.

-  Includes integrated adjustable arm protectors.


-  Single-use eliminates cross-contamination risk

-  High density, latex-free & water wicking foam

-  Eliminates risk of brachial plexus injury

-  Suitable for patients with elevated BMIs


- Integrated arm protectors with Velcro straps secures the arms close to the patient’s body

-  Anti-skid strip on the back of the SurgyPad adds traction between SurgyPad and mattress

-  Innovative 6-strap system further secures SurgyPad to table

-  Adjustable body strap provides added security to maintain a patient’s position

 Greater Flexibility

-  Adjustable arm protectors accommodate a variety of procedures and patient body types

-  Simply detach arm protector, adjust in desired direction, and re-attach using the convenient velcro strip along the back!

-  Depending on where the patient’s arms line up, use upper 2 or lower 2 arm protector straps to secure their arms

-  Increased ease of use for clinical staff - Repositioning an arm protector is easier than repositioning a patient!

Cost & Time Effective

1 - Setup time < 60 seconds
2 - Quick standardized removal procedure leading to incredibly low turnover time
3 - Reduces “never-events”
4 - Saves facilities 20% to 50% in costs